Some More From Downtown . . .

. . . the hills surrounding the capital, a fortress, and the freedom statue!


  1. I love these new photos, especially the Freedom Statue.
    I'm sure you know the story of this statue, but I'd like to send you a link where you can find some information about it. Have a nice day!

  2. Thank you for the link! I'm glad you are so curious about Georgia. Maybe, you can visit someday as it's not that far from Italy. I'll be posting some great pictures this weekend so be sure to check again soon.

  3. I like traveling as you already know and I would like to visit the entire world...I wish!
    You can be sure I'll check your blog every day! It is really interesting and the photos are amazing. Really.

  4. Because you said you would check it every day, I will try to keep it interesting!


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