Sunday Evening

It's about 6pm local time and I'm looking forward to the coming week. I really enjoy working in Georgia and can't seem to wait for the week to start again. What will I do when I return back to the US? Maybe, I can find a way to return here in a year or two??


  1. nice you are enjoying this country...may I ask you a question? What's the best thing you like in Georgia?

  2. Oh! It is definitely the people that is the best thing I like about Georgia. I really never knew anything about them before but they are so wonderful! Maybe, this is where I will retire.

  3. That's really interesting! What are the difference you have noticed between your people and Georgian people?

  4. Well, there is an innocence here that I don't find too often anymore in the West. Here, people assist you for the pleasure of doing so. In the West, everything is so quid pro quo. I hope Georgia doesn't change anytime soon!


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