T'bilisi Architecture

Some typical T'bilisi architecture to include a corner apartment, a
fortress, and a mosque downtown . . .


  1. I wish to spend a month in every country...

  2. I cannot wait till retirement! Then, I will have the freedom to do whatever I want!

  3. Unfortunately, I am still a long way from retirement...

    I am starting to consider a trip, anyway, though!

  4. Margherita!

    Yes, take these trips while you can enjoy them. When I retire, I may not be able to fly very far!!

  5. Hi,

    That's not a mosque in your last photo (the one that looks like a madrasah- DSC00346-741253.JPG). It is actually a sulphur bath house.

    You have a pic of the mosque - DSC00348-750579.JPG. The mosque is the tower in the middle of that pic.

    Good shots all the same though :-)


  6. Thanks for the correction. I should have gone inside to see that. Have you visited T'bilisi before?

    Thanks for checking out the blog.

  7. Hi again,

    Yep, four trips last year (the longest being six weeks), and we've just come back from a 30 day trip. We stayed mainly with my wife's parents in Rustavi and we had eight days in Svaneti too. And we went to Ananuri on the the 5th of last month.

    All the best,

  8. Thanks, Marcus!

    Yes, this is such a wonderful country! I will only be here 90 days this time but hope to visit again soon. I'm obsessed with this place!


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