A Wonderful Evening . . .

. . . yet, so simple.  I took a walk this afternoon and ended up on a street overlooking an Orthodox church in the old city of T'bilisi.  I had been by this church before but not at this particular time of day.  It was about 630pm and the Saturday evening service had just started.  The church was so full that people were standing outside while trying to look in.  I was on a ledge above where I could see everything.  Anyway, hymns intermixed with the sermon commenced (sort of reminding me of Gregorian chants) and put me in the most wonderful mood.  I just couldn't drag myself away and stayed there till the sermon ended.  I still feel upbeat from the experience.  I think I'll return same time next week.


  1. Do you have any pictures of the church?

  2. I have several both inside and out but am waiting to put them up because I have such a backlog! Maybe, I'll put just one up so you can see it.


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