An Amazing City!

Turret between the buildings!

Next to the mosque.

Grapes grow everywhere here.  It's like the land of milk and honey!


  1. I like the last picture, with the grapes! Where I live, a lot of people still make wine at home, too. (I helped my boyfriend's family last is hard work!) Have you been able to try any homemade wine in Georgia? I tried a Georgian wine, once, several years ago. I don't know much about Georgian wine, but what I tried was very good. It's a shame that it doesn't seem to be very well known outside of the former USSR.

  2. I think the wine is getting more famous though. Yes, I have tried way too much wine since I've been here courtesy of my friends. I even smoked a cigarette last night which I hadn't done since I was 11 years old! Keep checking in as I plan to add some more miscellaneous pictures tonight.

    Oh! Next Sunday, I'm going with my friends out into the countryside to visit their grandparents. Apparently, there will be a ceremony related to the grapes/wine that you can only see in the fall. I'm very excited and will take lots of pictures, of course.

  3. Hey... lovely colors! They remind me traditional Arabic houses. You're right. It's an amazing city.
    Is it a quiet place?

  4. I think it has the noise level of a typical, large city but the countryside is very quiet.


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