Catching up on Photos

This church is the oldest in T'bilisi at approximately 1,500 years old. It
is called the 'Anchiskhati' and very much possesses Roman features of
architecture especially on the inside. I only felt comfortable taking
outside pictures because a service was happening on the inside at the time.


  1. Hi again,

    Sorry to be a pain, but that isn't Sioni Cathedral. It is Anchiskhati, the oldest church in Tbilisi (not Georgia).

    Sioni is quite a bit larger and about 500 yards to the south east, along the road to Maidan.

    And yes, I'm in love with Georgia too.

    All the best,

  2. No, I thank you for the correction. I think I need a new tour guide as I'm getting the names wrong!

    I'm already plotting how I can return here once I leave and/or retire here. It's still difficult for me to verbalize why this country has affected me so positively.


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