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Last Sunday, we traveled to an area called 'Ananuri.' It's about 70
kilometers north of T'bilisi and known for not only its history, but also
the incredible beauty of the countryside. You cannot believe how easy it is
to get to these places. In T'bilisi, you can hire any taxi to take you
outside the city for a predetermined price (always very cheap!). Usually,
you don't have to do this though because numerous Georgians one has met at
work are more than happy to drive you themselves. Sometimes, I feel like I
might be taking advantage of people.

As with most other famous locations in Georgia, this area has been subject
to many invasions and atrocities over the years from invading armies. If
you want to read about the history of this site, here is a link that should
provide you with more details than I could:

I have so many pictures but will send only five this time. I tried to focus
on scenery with these and will send more of building interiors next week.
Please let me know what you think!

#1 Monastery
#2 Lake near the site
#3 Ancient dome
#4 I saw a kid doing this so I knew I could as well
#5 Onset of fall


  1. Nice to see more pictures! I like the first and third pictures, in particular. Is there anything else to do/see nearby?

  2. Hey, Margherita:

    Not sure about what would be nearby. We usually go with friends and kind of go where they direct us. Oh, by the way, last night we ate at a restaurant called 'Tiflis.' The design inside was similar to a Georgian, village home. The food was delicious and the wine even better. It was a great day what with the site, good friends, and food.

  3. Wonderful photos. So sorry in hearing they have been subject to many invasions. Thanks for the link and just one question, dear Russ, what are the typical traditional Georgian dishes? One more question...what about the most importan Georgian festivities?
    Thanks in advance :)

  4. Well, I like Hachapuri (sp.). It's a type of bread with cheese baked inside. It seems to be served with most meals. I haven't observed any festivities yet, but from what I've heard, they mostly seem to be associated with religious festivals.

  5. Russ, it's very brave from to stand on that piece of wood.WERE NOT YOU AFRAID DOING THAT?

  6. No, I was not afraid but you didn't see what happened afterwards. I actually fell in the water but I can't show you that picture!

  7. That's sounds yummy (Hachapuri).I have seen some photos of that cheese bread :) Thanks so much for the information.

  8. Lilia,

    No problem, Lilia, and thanks for continuing to read the blog. It will be very difficult for me to make it exciting once I return home unless I take pictures of Mexican drug lords!

    About the Hachapuri, I will really miss it because I can't buy it in the US. I am so addicted to it, what will I do??


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