Georgia (5)

What a trip! Although I had planned to send more photos of 'Ananuri' this
week, I just couldn't wait to forward these pictures! Last weekend, I went
with some of my Georgian friends to a site in T'bilisi I had somehow managed
to overlook. We took a short taxi ride to see 'Sameba (Trinity) Cathedral.'
This cathedral is reputedly the biggest Orthodox church in the world and was

certainly impressive. I really could have stayed there all day, but the
delicious Georgian food and wine were calling. Unfortunately, all good
things must come to an end.

For more specific information concerning this cathedral, you can click on
the following link.

Now, for the pictures:

#1 I had to stand way back to get this one!
#2 The dome from inside
#3 Interior adornment
#4 I felt strange about taking this picture but everyone seemed to be doing
it. Anyway, I was told seven couples were getting married simultaneously!
#5 Another interior shot
As always, feedback is appreciated! Russ


  1. Very nice pictures! I like visiting churches and cathedrals in different cities and comparing them.

    Before I read the wikipedia article, I was thinking that the cathedral didn't seem old at all! Then I read the article and it made sense.

    I've never been in a new cathedral, must be kind of strange!

  2. Hey, Margherita!

    I plan to go with some of my Georgian friends on Sunday to a village. We hope to observe the grape harvest ceremony! I will try to take some more wonderful pictures. Thanks for continuing to check the blog.

  3. Wow...the grape harvest ceremony! I have read something interesting here :

  4. Before forget...wonderful photos :)

  5. Lilia,

    I can't wait to experience it myself. Hopefully, we will have good weather this weekend and everything will work out for the trip. Wish you were here to experience what I'm experiencing!

  6. 7 weddings at once -- it's cool how the numbers 3 (trinity) 7 (days in the week) and 12 (apostles) have such deep meaning to Orthodox Christians -- great photos, keep them coming, Russ.


  7. Thanks Caye/Paul:

    I don't know what I'm going to do to make this blog exciting when I return to Texas next month. I mean, is there anything there that people will want to see?


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