Georgia (7)

I went back to Mtskheta a few weeks ago! This city is a very short drive
from T'bilisi and functioned as the ancient capital of Georgia. I actually
visited this place my first weekend here but have few memories of it because
I was so jetlagged. On the first trip, I sent pictures of Jvari Monastery,
the monastery perched above the city. On this trip, I have pictures of a

fortress (Bebris Tsikhe) and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral but only have room for
the former in this posting. More information on this area can be found at:
Now for the pictures:
#1 Jvari Monastery from far away
#2 A fortress wall
#3 The river below
#4 Beautiful hills
#5 Another one of the fortress


  1. Thanks again for sharing your photos with us!
    I have read that the Russian poet Lermontov, wrote a poem about the beauty of Djavari Monastery. The poem's title is "Mtsiri" and it is considered a masterpiece of Russian poetry.
    “Several years ago/ there, where are noisily joining, / hugged with one another like two sisters, / the streams of Aragvi and Kura, / was a monastery. From behind the mountains / and now the pedestrian sees / Columns of caved gates, / Towers, and ecclesiastic dome…”

  2. Oh, Lilia! I am so glad you told me about this. Otherwise, I would never have known. I wonder if my Georgian friends are aware of this poem. I'll ask them about it. Thank you again!!!

  3. You're so welcome, my dear friend. Please let me know if your Georgian friends know this poem.


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