More Bulgarian Pics!

Hmm, I seem to be putting up pictures the last few days relevant to Bulgaria rather than Georgia.  That's okay I guess because Bulgaria is, after all, near Georgia so it must be a decent country by reason of its proximity!  Anyway, here are some pictures sent to me by Captain Georgiev of the Bulgarian Air Force.  He is my former trainee (January '09, I believe) and is now back home.  I think they're awesome!


Go for the Kill!

Window View

Plovdiv, Bulgaria


  1. Dear Mr.Russel McCoy,hi! First of all pls send my warm greetings to my good fellow and classmate Cpt. Georgiev-both of us graduated from US Air Force follow on training system, but before of course we were your students! By the way is the chopper named "Falcon"? In 2006 I had flown on board of the same aircraft in Iraq-from Babil province to Al-Kut. We went over an ancient Babilon-it was fantastic flight! Dear Mr. Russel could you give to Cpt. Georgiev my e-mail, or provide me with his? Thanks, Vigen

  2. Let me look for it. I'm sure I have it but it may take some looking around. I will send it to you as soon as I can. Russ


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