A Morning Stroll!

The maid threw me out of the room this morning so I decided to take a nice morning stroll down Rustaveli street which is the main street in T'bilisi.  I never get tired of this walk and mostly follow the same route whenever I take it.  I like to walk down the hill from the hotel and then hit Rustaveli heading all the way down to Freedom Circle.  Then, I turn around and walk back on the other side finishing up with a hike back up the hill.  Along the way, I get to people watch and check out the shops which rival anything you'll find in the west.  Even the simple things here continue to amaze me.

This afternoon, I'll be going to a Chekov play being performed by a local group.  I'll post pictures of the performance as soon as I can.


  1. Chekov! Which Chekov play? I am really jealous :), I love Chekov so much!


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