My Favorite Stroll (3)

Looking up a side street

Back on Rustaveli

The only beggar I saw!

Marriot T'bilisi

A place to rest

More pictures to come as the walk is not finished yet.


  1. Hi Russ :)
    I've read all of your wonderful comments about Georgia and Georgians and it made me think about what a lucky people we are that we live in Georgia. I want to mention that on your photo of rustaveli this little statue is not a bagger. This is a man holding a bowl of wine. :)

    Sincerely Tamar

  2. Hey, Tamar!

    First of all, thanks for commenting on the blog. Also, thanks for correcting my error. I didn't get a good look at what he was holding because I was afraid he was going to ask me for money! I didn't realize that he was actually offering me something. I should have been more careful. Anyway, how are you feeling today?

    Take care, Russ


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