My Favorite Stroll

I'm always referring to a particular route I like to take here in T'bilisi
during my walks. I love doing this when I have time and am not leaving the
city to see something spectacular. Anyway, I thought it might be
interesting for some of my friends outside Georgia to view what it is I see
on these strolls. I took these pictures this morning at 9am when both
traffic and pedestrians were light. I'll have to post the pictures in
several groups since there are too many to do it all at once. Enjoy!

                                                   Walking down the hill from my hotel

Another one

A difficult hill to climb up!

Getting closer to main street

One more


  1. What part of city city is this, exactly?

  2. It's very close to downtown but up on a hill near the TV tower where my hotel is. The name of the hotel is the 'Hotel Betsy' if you want to google it and find out exactly where it's at. Oh! The path will take you downtown eventually.


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