Paradise Found

I took this picture from my balcony at 0630 this morning! I can't sleep
anymore for fear I'll miss out on an opportunity to experience this
unbelievable country!!


  1. Would you be able to post a list of restaurants and cafes that you like in Tbilisi?

    Also, just out of curiosity, I was wondering how the coffee in Georgia is...I never got the impression that Georgians were really into coffee, but I may be wrong about that. I remember that my friends mostly drank tea, or Nescafe...

  2. That's a difficult question because many of them only have their names written in the Georgian alphabet and I know them by location rather than name. You might want to check the 'Info T'bilisi' link in the left margin because they list some of the better restaurants/cafes according to expat opinion.

    As for your second question, there are cafes everywhere and drinking coffee is very much the social activity. The strangest (and best) coffee I've had here was an ice coffee with a boiled egg at the bottom. When I bit into the egg, it had this sugary taste that reminded me of some kind of dessert. I want to order that again!

  3. Margherita!

    I'm going out tonight with some Georgian friends and will try to get the name of the restaurant (assuming I like it). Hope you've been enjoying the pictures.


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