This is why I love Georgia!

Yesterday, some friends asked me to meet them at a restaurant in the old city.  They sent me instructions in both English and Georgian and gave me a time to meet.  Well, I thought I knew where the place was but was terribly wrong!  I looked and looked and looked but couldn't find it for the life of me!  At some point a man, about 60 years old, saw me looking at the instruction sheet.  He didn't speak any English but indicated that he wanted to help me.  He took the paper and motioned for me to follow him.  Well, he also had a difficult time in locating the restaurant leading him to stop and ask several people.  Finally, after about 15 minutes of looking, we found it.  I tried to pay him for his assistance but he just smiled and walked away.  I don't know his name and will probably never see him again, but he made quite the impression on me.  In addition to helping me find my friends, he provided me with the essence of why I love this country and its people so much.  For me at this moment, there is no greater gift than that.


  1. I have had lots of similar experiences in New York City. Maybe this city has changed after the Twin Towers tragedy. I don't know...but I have found American people ( even in West Long Branch and other American cities) very very friendly. For this reason I love NY and the USA so much and I understand your joy in staying in such a friendly place.
    Big cities often have a reputation for being rude, unfriendly places for tourists and I found out that it isn't true in New York. When I had a small, very small problem about ten people immediately hurried to help me. So the Georgian people's behavior is as strange as NYC'people behavior in my point of view. I have had some bad experiences in other cities ( Paris, Rome, Milan, Cancùn and where I live )so...what could I say?
    Maybe Georgian people don't live in a hurry like most of us, I suppose. Most people who live in cities are suffering from what they call "hurry sickness", they are always trying to do more things in less time. We're living faster and we're more stressed than twenty years ago, especially in my country, since I've noticed in NYC people are friendlier than most Italian people. So...what do I think? Georgian people are not stressed and when you aren't stressed you are friendly. We don't have enough time to listen to the other people and our lives are more stressful. If we don't slow down, we won't live as long as our parents...what do you think?

  2. Wow, Lilia! I think you're the first person I ever heard of who had that kind of experience in NYC. Actually, it has the opposite reputation in the US and this is constantly portrayed in the movies and TV. I'm happy to hear it doesn't seem to be completely true.

  3. Really? The first person? Yes, I know NYC has a bad reputation, but I suppose they don't know my city.(LOL)
    BTW, please enjoy this wonderful country, I am very happy for you.

  4. Oh, after living in Georgia, I cannot be happy anywhere else! It's a burden I must live with forever!


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