Ananuri Again

I'm trying to catch up with pictures I never got around to posting. Here are a few more from Ananuri about 70kms north of T'bilisi. In case you forgot the history of this site, you can review it at:

Nice Cloud

The Monastery Grounds

The Lake


  1. I love these photos, particularly the lake one! It's the paradise, you're right :)

  2. And, you must visit here someday and tell me about it!

  3. I hope so, Russ. It is really a wonderful place :)

  4. Paul,

    What in the world will I do for inspiration when I return to the US? Will people be interested in seeing pictures of Texas?

  5. Lilia,

    It would be so interesting for me to hear your reaction to this place. But, I'm afraid if you came here, you would never want to visit the US again!


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