Back in Texas!

I returned about two hours ago and just wanted to let everyone know I made it back safely. The house and yard were in pretty good condition primarily because a trusted friend was looking out for it these last three months. I better stop now because I am so jetlagged!

I'll post more tomorrow after I get some sleep.


  1. Glad to hear that you made it safely back to Texas!

  2. Thank you,Margherita! I miss Georgia but it's good to be back in my house.

  3. hey russ, it is good that you are back and safe. I will realy miss you and classes ran by you and michele. Hope I will see you next year. this is me your friend back in georgia. LASHAAAAAAA

  4. Hi, Lasha!

    It's good to hear from you. But, I think you only miss me and not Michele, right? Ha, ha!

    I'm on vacation now and will not go back to work for three weeks. It will be a good rest! Please tell everyone I said hello. Take care.

  5. You promised me that you would post my supra's pictures do you remember? and fut some coment about tamada ok?

  6. I will. I'm just trying to catch up with everything around the house.


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