My Favorite Stroll (Final Stage)

These are the last pictures of my favorite stroll in T'bilisi.  Years from now, I'll look at these pictures and reminisce about how much joy I got out of doing such a simple thing in such an amazing place.  I wish I could convey to all of you how wonderful it is to live here.

Freedom Circle from far away

Mother Georgia in the distance

Close Up

Church entrance on the way back

Typically beautiful T'bilisi architecture


  1. What part of the city is the last picture?

  2. Hey, Margherita!

    This picture was also taken on Rustaveli street near downtown. Rustaveli is the main street with a lot of businesses, hotels, etc.

  3. When I was there much of that street was being renovated so these buildings had scaffolding and plywood in front of them. They look very nice now.

  4. Hey, Charles!

    Thanks for commenting on the blog. I'm glad I'm able to see the buildings in their full glory. When are you coming back from Pensacola?


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