Video: Dagger Fighting!

Here is a video showing a traditional dance that involves sword/dagger fighting. I wish the video quality were better because you could actually see the sparks flying from the metal as you viewed it in real life. What an amazing performance this was! I'll post some more videos this week along with still pictures. Enjoy!

PS Isn't the music great as well? Be sure to turn up the volume!


  1. Yes, it was! I'm a little slow about posting items this week because I only have a few more days but should catch back up next week. Thanks for checking in, Lilia!

  2. Russ,
    This left me almost speechless. I want to see Georgian dancing live someday!

  3. Lisa,

    I wish you could have seen it as I did. This video was taken with the video function of a digital camera. Can you imagine what it would have been like in real life? Actually, sparks were flying off the daggers as they met!


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