Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all the best in the new year.  I can't imagine how the next year will be better than this year was, but I will strive to make it happen.


  1. Dear Mr. Russel Mc COY! I was impressed by the photos, it is amazing you have a huge source of energy both to travel globe around and for making really interesting pics, on the edge of photografer's art! But Damaged MI 24 is a sad view, really... being soviet era aircraft and caught up in so insightly wrecked condition on the terrain of Afganistan it simbolizes collapse of USSR in late 80s....
    Your dedicated student Vigen

  2. Thanks, Vigen! And, thank you for the compliments about the pictures. Actually, it takes much more energy to stay here than to travel because I enjoy traveling so much. Please give my regards to your family.


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