A New Friend

Well, sort of.  We couldn't communicate very well because he didn't speak English at all and I couldn't speak Georgian at that time.  If I could have, I would have chastized him for what he did to me!  He allowed me to pet him and won my trust.  But, as soon as my back was turned, he snatched the bag of treats I had been holding.  I left Ananuri without ever seeing him again . . . and the second picture is what distracted me.


  1. So cute!!! What a pity you left Anouri without ever meeting him again...Wonderful you gained his trust.I love animals so much and when I meet stray dogs or alley cats I always try to gain their friendships. With dogs it is easy...with cats...very hard :) since they are so diffident.

  2. Lilia, I had even given him a snack before but he wanted it all!!! He really hurt my feelings. Yes, cats are so capricious in their behavior.

  3. What a cute dog!

  4. Yes, but in the end, he betrayed me!


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