And, of course . . .

. . . I must not neglect Georgia!  I tell you, I have been away from Georgia for three months and my fascination with the country has not diminished one bit.  If anything, it's getting stronger.  So, I guess it's true love after all!  Well, I must move ahead with plans to live there.  I have a long 12 years till retirement, but then I will be completely free to do whatever I want. I love the mountains and cooler weather so hopefully, I can find a small town or village to live in that has these features.  And, hopefully, this place will not be too far from a city of some size where I can occasionally check my e-mail and update this blog.  Well, it's time to take action!  I must locate the town and, more importantly, learn the language to an extent that I can function in society right away.  Over the next 12 years, I will be obsessed in preparing for this goal.  At that time, my real life will begin.

Hmm, did I live in Georgia in a past life?

Oh!  The picture!  Well, this is another one of Jvari Monastery near the town of Mtsketa.  Enjoy!


  1. Yes, I think you lived in Georgia in a past life!!!
    I have just read that the name of Jvari Monastery was translated in "The Monastery of the Cross", wonderful orthodox monastery, thank you for sharing, Russ!

  2. You're welcome! It's quite amazing in person as well. Did you ever hear from your friend in Chile?


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