Kosice: The Singing Fountain

This amazing fountain in Kosice sprays water in time with the music that's playing.  This is part of the downtown area mentioned in yesterday's post.


  1. Russ,
    It is exciting to me that you have linked two topics that are dearest to my heart, Notre Dame and Slovakia. I will become a member of Notre Dame's 50 year club this June, having received my degee in 1960. I,m also 100% Slovak with some of my ancestors coming from Francovce and Giraltovce just east of Presov. I will look forward to following your blog as we go forward.

    Dennis J Gaydos

  2. Amazing coincidence, Dennis! I graduated in '91 after several years in the army. Had I graduated on track, it would have been in '84. My connection to Slovakia is two-fold. During my time in the military, I trained as a Czech linguist (Warsaw Pact days). In my current job, I was sent to Presov in '06 to train the Slovak military. How the world has changed in 20 years!!!


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