Mt. Rysy2

Here are some more pictures on the way up.  As I said before, there were many opportunities to take pictures as the entire climb/descent took about 10 hours.  We began around 10am and stumbled back to the car around 8pm after the sun had set!  The actual climb wasn't that long, it was getting to the base of the mountain that took forever.  I am glad I did it though because it provided some wonderful memories.

I want to add some information about the first picture.  I thought this would be a great place to fish but was told the water was far too cold for fish to survive in it.

Here I am in front of a 'Pleso.'  This the Slovak word that describes a mountain lake.

Some beautiful scenery on the way up

And more . . .


  1. It looks like such a quiet place! I need to live in a place so quiet close to a lake. I'm just dreaming...

  2. Oh, no. I think your dream will come true.


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