"The Iron Silk Road"

Here is a link for a great article in National Geographic magazine on the new railroad connecting Baku (The Caspian) to Eastern Turkey (The Black Sea).  The article emphasizes economic advantages for the local populations especially the Georgians.  It also covers a bit of the history/tensions in the Caucasus and the ramifications for this particular project.  If the link doesn't work, let me know and I can send you the article.



PS  It also has some beautiful pictures!


  1. Found this link on your Yahoo Slovak posting and found it extremely interesting. The Iron Silk Road article was particularly fascinating. Your travel photos are also quite interesting. You do get around.


  2. You're welcome and thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, I do travel a lot and am fortunate in having a job that facilitates this. I'm already plotting my next trip this fall:) Anyway, please keep checking into the site. I enjoy it so much when people comment.



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