English To Be Second Language In Georgia


Click the link to read an interesting story about the plan to adopt English as the second language for all school age children in Georgia.  I admire the ambition but question whether it can be done in four years?


  1. Great plan! English and Spanish are the most important and spoken languages in the world. You are wondering if that plan could be done in four years...Well,I think they will.

  2. Of course, children learning English is a benefit. And, for the most part I doubt that Georgia will have a shortage f teachers to instruct in English. However, what we are discovering here in the U.S. is a shortage of teachers to expose American children to foreign languages.

  3. Lilia,

    My only concern is that the government is running the program and I have a lot of experience with government programs:)

  4. Tyeisha,

    I wonder if there will be a desire in the future to learn other languages in the US considering how dominant English has become. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Yes Russ, maybe you're right...but we have to be optimistic :)
    Hello Tyeisha! Could you send me your blog address? I lost it and I would like to see again your wonderful works.
    Have a nice day, Russ and Tyeisha.
    P.S. I thought in the USA children studied Spanish very well, this language is very important since there are lots of Spanish-speaking immigrants there.

  6. Lilia,

    I think you're confusing this poster with 'Tebrone.' The link you're asking about is in the left margin of this page under 'Georgia.' Just click it and it will take you there. Russ

  7. Here is the exact link in case you had problems finding it: http://tebrone.blogspot.com/

  8. Oh...yes, sorry. Tebrone!!! Thanks so much, Russ :)

  9. No problem. Did you find her site?


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