Lake Assal3

Three more nice views.  You can see the salt in the water as it collects near the edge.  One thing I recall about this trip, none of my friends from Djibouti City wanted to come with me to the lake.  This was unusual, but they did give me a valid reason.  Since they were Issa, they felt uncomfortable traveling to an area that was predominately occupied by the Afar tribe.  I was safe but they weren't from their perspective.


  1. I swam in this lake and it's very funny to see how easily you can float. And once you're dry, all your hairs are white due to the salt, it's very uncomfortable. But I've never heard about parasites... Maybe I was lucky !

  2. Hey, Erwan!

    It may not be true but I didn't want to take any chances. I bet the water felt really warm, didn't it? Were you visiting Djibouti or do you live there?

  3. I didn't know that lake, thanks for sharing these great photos.


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