A Blast From The Past!!

Wow!  I was digging through my files the other day and found this picture from 1984.  I was in the US Army at the time serving in Augsburg, Germany (back when there were two Germanys).  This was a picture of the 1984 Nijmegen team that went to the Netherlands to compete in the annual, four-day Nijmegen march.  I believe this picture was taken about a month before we left and right after a training session.  Anyway, can anyone pick me out?  If you can, please compare this picture to the pictures in the slideshow to the left that were taken almost 25 years later in Afghanistan.  I haven't changed a bit, have I?


  1. the third on the right, you haven't changed a bit. What's your secret????

  2. I lead a very stress-free life:)

  3. I can easily recognize you. Looks good!

  4. Hongik Kim said...
    I can easily recognize you. Looks good!

    Thank you for the comment. Russ

  5. Lucky of you!!! :) I think I will go to live in San Antonio.


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