Japanese Food

Way back in '07, I traveled to Nagoya, Japan for my employer.  I was fortunate enough to live there for six months and participate in all facets of the culture.  I developed quite a taste for Japanese food as well and ate it whenever I could.  Not only was it delicious but it was also very healthy.  Many medical problems in American would be eliminated if we followed a similar diet.

The picture shows the food we were served at a traditional restaurant in Kyoto.  Tomorrow, I'll post some pictures of the temples I saw there and the surrounding area.  Another great memory in my life:)


  1. Have you ever had sushi? I've never tasted it and...do not feel a strong urge to :)

  2. I used to eat it every day when I was living in Japan. It's very healthy for you and delicious especially when dipped in soy sauce!

  3. As you would imagine, a mixture of vegetables, rice, and seaweed. Kind of salty but good.

  4. Thanks for describing me the sushi taste...the thought of eating raw fish disgusted me...well, I'll taste it someday, maybe :) I don't like the smell of the raw fish...Does sushi smell like raw fish? I don't think so after reading your description. I'll try someday...it's just a matter of bravery in my case :))))

  5. I think the raw fish is included in "sashimi" rather than sushi. I didn't want to try it either but it is so delicious.


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