Snow in San Antonio!

For the first time since I've lived here, I saw snow in San Antonio.  Amazingly, there was about an inch on the ground when I woke up this morning.  But, I wasn't affected too much since I'm orginally from Kentucky where they have much more snow than this.

Anyway, after getting ready I began the journey to work at 0530.  I could tell right away that something was wrong as the roads seemed too slippery for such a small amount of snow.  Well, what I eventually discovered was that the storm had begun with freezing rain and then the snow covered the sheet of ice that it left.  Furthermore, San Antonio doesn't have snow plows so the roads were in their natural condition.  I was about three-quarters of the way to work when my boss called me on my cell.  He told me that the reporting time was now 1200 and I need not leave home till then.  Since I was almost already there, I decided to go on in.  After arriving, the boss called again to say work had been cancelled for the day!  I waited about an hour and then returned home.

I have to tell you, the trip to work was a scene out of the apocalypse.  There were accidents everywhere but even more motorists stranded on inclines because they couldn't get enough traction to finish the climb.  Somehow, I was able to go around those individuals and maintain traction while driving uphill.  I followed the basic rules of driving in snow--pat the brake, anticipate stops and turns, and keep your distance from other cars.  Still, I did lose traction a few times and had to focus every second.  Driving in the dark didn't help either.

The ride back home was much better as I took an alternate route that was flatter.  I snapped this picture about a mile from my house just to prove I was on the road!!!


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