That's the name of the guard dog that patrols my sector of the worksite.  The other day (no camera unforunately), I heard the distinct sound of a baboon right outside my office door.  Now, the door doesn't catch when pulled together and only locks from the outside so I use a chair to keep it closed.  Anyway, after hearing this sound I looked out the window and so at least 10 baboons (including babies) near my door.  I also saw Bobby who was lying on the ground licking himself while the baboons circulated nearby presumably without fear.

My only explanation for Bobby's seeming disinterest is that he follows the same rules of engagement as our troops in Afghanistan.  In other words, he cannot fire until fired upon.  Even then, he can't fire if he suspects there are civilians in the area.  He's a sweet dog but I'm not sure if he's got what it takes to win the "war."


  1. What a lovely little dog...I have tender feelings about him...Please pet him from me :)

  2. I will. He demands I pet him every day or he will whine till I do. He's very sweet and calm to be from such a harsh environment.


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