I Found It!

The way to avoid solicitation, harassment, and just being bothered in general.  I really shouldn't share this secret though as I could make a fortune selling it to the expat community in Djibouti.  Oh well, here it is.  The key to eliminating the above is to run; run everywhere you go!  I've found that when I run during my workouts, no one bothers me nor even tries.  It's not because they don't want to disturb me because lord knows that hasn't stopped them from interrupting me while reading, eating or even carrying boxes.  There's just something about running that repels your average street vendor or worse.  So, that's the secret to being left alone in Djibouti.  From now on, like Forest Gump, I will run everywhere I go in this country!


  1. That sounds nice and unusual at the same time :) Are most of them intrusive there?

  2. Oh, my goodness! It is non-stop harassment. In the beginning, you laugh at it. But, in the end, you lose your cool and start shouting at people.


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