I Survived . . .

another trip to Djibouti.  After a short flight to Atlanta and a long one (15 hours) to South Africa, I was incredibly exhausted.  The four-hour flight to Nairobi didn't seem so bad until I found out the next flight wasn't direct to Djibouti but had a stop in Addis Ababa.  Still, I enjoyed seeing it as I had never been there before.  Once I got off the plane, I was whisked away to start some in-processing but finally got to my hotel around 1700.  The next three or four days should be very light and give me a chance to overcome the jetlag.  I hope to meet some of you that live here and have been reading the blog.  Don't be shy!  Also, Kayla, I didn't forget about your comment and will try to write you in the morning.  Now, I have got to get some rest.


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