A Room With a View

These two pictures were taken literally 50 feet from my worksite!  The baboons seem relatively tame and the dogs in the camp also seem to keep them in line.  Good thing because there's nothing here to stop them from entering whenever they want.  What with the terrible weather and wildlife, what chances do you give me for surviving the next six months?


  1. Looks incredible! It's great that your job allows you such opportunities!

  2. Thanks, Steven! I'm really fortunate as you said. I'll try to keep posting the pictures. Where do you live/work?

  3. I thought you were in an interesting place. Lots of people who visited Africa tell me they are still suffering from "Africa Blues". I don't know Africa. I only visited Tunisia and Egypt, it was an amazing experience. I hope the weather will be better and you can enjoy Djibouti.
    I've just found these links on the internet, maybe they will help you
    I'm sure you're going to enjoy this place.

  4. Lilia,

    I do enjoy Africa but visiting here and working here are two different issues. For the latter, you have to be patient and endure a lot of chaos along the way. I think this is why I was able to return here--because I am very adept at dealing with the chaos!


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