Some Familiar Sights

It's so surreal returning to a place you never thought you'd see again.  I'd always planned to return to Georgia but I never thought Djibouti was a possibility.  Yet, here I am.  So many things are familiar with memory buttons being pressed constantly by external stimuli.  For example, it didn't take me long to figure out the purpose of the ubiquitous plastic bags on the streets.  Another, I had forgotten how the taxi drivers use the word 'Yes!' as a question rather than a response when soliciting a fare.  For those of you who have been here, you know what I mean:)

I mentioned in my last post how I'd flown through Nairobi and Addis Ababa.  Most people would prefer the former but I was unexplainably drawn to the latter in the short time I was there.  I can't explain this except that it might have been caused by the euphoria I was feeling in being so close to the end of a lengthy trip.  Anyway, I'd like to spend some more time there.

The worst effects of the jetlag are gone after two days although I still get an uncontrollable urge to nap at odd hours.  I should be fine soon.


  1. I can't send you a private message because my e.mail isn't working. I can't receive but I can't send an e.mail letter. Still waiting for someone to repair this problem. I'm using a key internet to talk to you and to facebook. I hope you feel better soon.
    Hope to hear from you soon :)!

  2. an internet key...sorry. I'm very tired :)

  3. Sounds good. Just keep in touch via this method until your e-mail is back up and running. Russ


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