A Plea To All Djiboutian Pedestrians!

In the course of my driving in Djibouti over two visits here, I have been shocked by the negligence of the pedestrians in this country.  Day after day after day, I grip my steering wheel tightly while praying I don't hit one of you.  So, I beg all of you to consider the following:

-It is perfectly fine to cross the road but check first to make sure no car is coming.  You should especially NOT step out right in front of a car.

-I realize there aren't enough sidewalks in Djibouti but walking on the side of the road is a preferable alternative to walking in the middle of the road.

-You should be even more cautious during rainy weather, fog, and at night.  This cuts down on driver reaction time and will more likely result in injury.

-Yes, pedestrians have the right of way but do not have the right of conducting a meeting as far as I know.  When you have a party in the middle of the road, it makes it even more difficult for drivers to avoid you.

I don't know what your motives are in conducting yourselves so carelessly when it comes to interacting with hurtling vehicles.  However, I can tell you it will come to no good.  The driver who hits/kills you may have to pay compensation in a civil action but it won't benefit you if you have already left this earth.  So, please be more cautious when walking along these dangerous highways.

As for Djiboutian drivers, you're doing a much better job even better than where I come from.


  1. That reminds me Catania...and the traffic is very bad here.
    Please be careful...it isn't a safe place. Can't wait you come back to the USA.

  2. "As for Djiboutian drivers, you're doing a much better job even better than where I come from."
    So they are good drivers...always trying to avoid negligent pedestrians...I think they are very stressed!

  3. Probably the worst drivers I ever saw was in Saudi. They drove so fast and carelessly that they caused many deaths!

    You know I can't believe anything bad about Catania:)

  4. and you are wrong :) It's a very beautiful city, but very chaotic. A lot of people don't respect traffic rules and pedestrians at all :(They talk on phone while driving and don't respect the traffic lights and signs...
    I'm sending you a video that shows the behavior of some ( most) Italians...it's in English, don't worry :) Enjoy!

  5. It's taken me two days to access my site so you tell me who's living in the more difficult country!


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