The Road Less Traveled

Or, it should be.  On Tuesday night, I decided the road I drive to work every day wasn't exciting enough.  I mean granted, it is a bad road with terrible drivers and there are also many obstacles to overcome.  For example, there are numerous kinds of livestock such as sheep, goats, and camels that cross the road at will.  There are also the ubiquitous wild dogs and even a stray hyena or two.  Oh, I forgot the people who walk in the middle of the road as if it belongs to them rather than the vehicles.  Throw in falling rocks and blinding fog and you get an idea of what my daily drive is like.

So, how did I make it more exciting?  Well, due to a cold and nagging cough, I literally did not sleep on Tuesday night.  So, I had to drive 45-minutes through all of the above, work a full day, and drive back on zero sleep.  That definitely made the drive more exciting!

By the way, I drive a 'Kia Rio' over here.  If both I and the car survive, I'm going to write Kia and offer my self up for an ad campaign.  It will start something like this, "He and his Kia survived six months in the wilds of Africa . . ."  Maybe I'll become famous like Jared in the Subway commercials!


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