Delicious Moroccan Food

One week ago, I was invited to the apartment of a Moroccan co-worker for dinner.  Following the American custom, I normally eat my dinner between 5-6pm but waited till 8pm to begin this meal.  It all started with snacks including nuts, dates, and other fruits.  They were tasty but I didn't want to spoil what I knew would be a big dinner so I tried not to eat too many of these.  When the meal was served, it began with an appetizer called 'Bastilla' which tasted a bit like dessert.  The main course was a dish called 'Cous Cous,' a mixture of some type of wheat extract with beef and assorted vegetables.  All in all, it was a very delicious meal and the first time I'd experienced Moroccan food.

The conversation was interesting as well and the event makes me want to visit this country some day.


  1. Hey Russ...sorry for my off topic. Have you ever been in Lithuania? A colleague of mine visited that country and she told me it's a beautiful place. Just curious since you like the eastern countries.

  2. I have never been there but I imagine it is beautiful.


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