111 Degrees in Djibouti

According to weather reports, the temperature hit 111 degrees in Djibouti yesterday.  I believe that is the hottest temperature I've ever experienced.  I don't even want to go outside!


  1. Yesterday it was also very hot here...I felt miserable since I had to go out for a dinner with some colleagues of mine who organized a party to celebrate their retirement. Today it's better fortunately. How about Dijbouti? Hope the weather is fine today. Why don't you go snorkeling? I have found a video about Sable Blanc there...it looks like a good experience.
    Bye for now and hope you feel fine today, my dear friend.

  2. Thanks for the video. I would go snorkeling but I'm afraid of the Somali pirates!!!

  3. The Somali pirates???!!! OMG...you are in a very bad place. So sorry.

  4. Yes, and I can't wait to come home!


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