The Tipping Point

I've been miserable this week!  I don't know if it's the heat or the culture finally wearing me down but I've been angry with everyone and overreacting to every event.  I have nine weeks to go but I wonder if I can hold on until then without doing something crazy.  I would kill right now for a good conversation.  I would also pay money to be left alone while walking around in public.  I lay in bed at night fantasizing about being home and doing the most mundane chores.

This isn't culture shock, it's culture electrocution!!!


  1. Be strong, dear Russ...nine weeks is not a long you have skype? Why don't use it to talk to me or other friends of yours? Please let me know if you can connect by skype. I'm very very sorry for you...can't wait you come back to the USA. Can you use facebook there? Waiting for your news, and please be patient...this nightmare is going to come to an end.

  2. I have Skype but the internet is too slow for it to work properly. I will try to be strong but you are always being tested in this environment. I was very good the first four months but they finally broke me. Why, oh why, did I ever come back here???

  3. Lark,

    Thanks so much for checking up on me. I'm already feeling better. Know how? I started thinking about what I'd be facing at work once I returned. That makes me appreciate this place a little more:)

    I'm sure I'll make it. This week is almost finished!


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