Another New Experience

Yesterday, I got a haircut.  Now, this could have been traumatic what with the language barrier and not knowing the system here in Taiwan.  However, my hotel called around and found a place with some English speakers on staff so I felt I could control the situation somewhat. 

I showed up for the haircut at 1330 as previously scheduled, a reservation is required in Taiwan for all sessions.  I was welcomed appropriately without all the 'fanfare' that used to take place in another Asian country where I spent significant time in the past.  Anyway, I was immediately taken to a room where I was given a shampoo/scalp massage for approximately 30 minutes.  This was relaxing and I can guarantee my scalp was clean after all that!  The stylist then took charge and begin cutting while consulting with me every step of the way.  In the end, it was one of the best haircuts I've ever had.

And, of course, contrary to Taiwanese custom, I gave a tip.  For everything, I had to pay the equivalent of 30 dollars--a little more than I'd normally pay in the US for a basic haircut and a bad attitude.  I won't try to estimate what the equivalent service would cost back home because I don't think you could get the equivalent service there!


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