Different But Easy

I learned something new today.  Up until now, parking has been free for me in the three places to which I primarily drive.  I live in a hotel and can park in the basement below it for free.  I need only take the token I received from the parking booth and have it scanned by hotel staff.  At work, of course, parking is also free and very convenient.  Finally, I often go to Carrefour to stock up on food products and the parking is free as well--all you have to do is show your purchase receipt on the way out. 

So, what did I learn?  Well, I met a friend for lunch and had to park on the street in front of the restaurant.  When we exited, I saw a piece of paper on my windshield that looked like a parking ticket.  Before I could panic, my friend told me it was just a parking bill indicating how much I owed for the parking.  He told me I could take it to any 7-11 and pay it in person.  Apparently, they scan it and it's paid electronically after they've received the cash from you.  Different from the US but very easy.


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