On the Way to Tainan


I took a trip to Tainan a few weeks ago via the HSR (high speed rail).  I was apprehensive about this because I'd never used it on my own before and don't speak Chinese.  I had nothing to worry about though as the process was very simple.  I drove my car to the HSR and parked it in a 24-hour lot.  The lot transported me to the station via a van and dropped me off.  From there, it was easy.  All signs/notices were in English as well as Chinese and these allowed me to find everything I needed.  Various announcements guided me to the proper waiting area and updated me on departure information.  While sitting on the platform, I took these pictures of an arriving train and Taichung.

I returned to Taichung in the evening after touring Tainan all day.  Another van was waiting to take me back to the parking lot where I paid the equivalent of three dollars for about 12 hours of parking.  I then drove home.

Actual Tainan pictures will be posted in a few days.


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