Everyone Has A Sweet Tooth, Right?

One reason I love to travel/live overseas so much is the ongoing commercialization of the US and the effects it has on my everyday life.  Literally, everyone has a hand out and 'reputable' businesses are constantly devising new ways to part the customer from his money.  Take my dentist for example.  She pushes dental products to the point she seems more salesman than physician.  But, far worse than that is what I saw when I went for my biannual cleaning earlier this morning.  While in the waiting room, I saw for the first time two vending machines, one with candy and the other with soda products!  Can you believe it?  Items that are horrible for one's teeth are prominently displayed in a dental office.  That's the moral equivalent of a rehab clinic providing Hydrocodone to people recovering from addiction to painkillers!  What is this world coming to? 


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