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I have become obsessed with my genealogy over the past few years and spend a lot of time researching it each week.  Although this is not a genealogy blog, I do want to put items of note on it as I discover them.  I thought one possibility might be putting the names (and whatever back story I might find) of the ancestors in each branch who actually crossed the pond.  After all, this would constitute amazing adventures which is, after all, the subject of this blog.  So, here goes.

I carry the surname of the first individual I will discuss.  His name was John McCoy (changed from MacKay) and he came to Maryland in approximately 1732 after spending roughly 15 years in Belfast.  He originally came from Sutherland County, Scotland in the north of the country.  I copied the following details from a site I found on the internet:

  • Name: John McCoy
  • Given Name: John
  • Surname: McCoy
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1690 in Sutherland Shire, Scotland
  • Death: 1762 in Washington Co., Maryland

  • Note: The McCoys were in Scotland until around 1700 a.d. at which time they migrated to Ireland. In the early 1700s, the McCoys started to migrate to America which was a British Colony. The earliest "known" McCoy is John, a Jacobite in Ireland. (It is believed his father was named Alexander) The Jacobites were loyal supporters of the Stuart King, James II. It is believed that John migrated to Ireland around 1716 after a failed rebellion in 1715 which was to return KingJames II to the English throne. John later migrated to America about 1732. Notes from McCoy History email, from Frank (bunkhouse...):  "John McCoy, son of Alexander McCoy, was born 1690 in Sutherland Shire,Scotland, and died 1762. He married unknown Martin. Migrated to Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland. Worked as a mercenary for English Lord Berresford. In 1732 emigrated from Belfast, Ireland. In 1737, received "Neglect" land grant in Charles County, Maryland, 150 acretract. Located today outside of Funkstown, Washington County, Maryland. 1820 -built a stone house, Funkstown, Washington County, Maryland."

    John purchased land in Prince George's County, Maryland, called "Neglect" on 11/09/1742. This was a 50-acre plot. On 08/17/1747, he purchased land in Charles County, Maryland, which was referred to as "Slatford's Roost Extension." He bought "Neglect" (129 acres) in Queen Anne County, on 12/01/1748, and on 08/17/1747, he bought "Slatford's Roost Extension (54 acres) in Charles County. John's brothers, James and Daniel, may have come from Ireland with him. He died in Washington County, Maryland, in 1762.

    Father: Alexander McCoy b: Abt 1665 in Sutherland Shire, Scotland
    Mother: Francis Katharine (Catherine) Sutherland b: 15 Apr 1765 in Sutherland, Scotland

    Marriage 1 UNKNOWN Martin
    • Married:
    • Change Date: 24 Apr 2004
    1. Archibald McCoy b: 12 Jul 1732 in Washington Co. MD
    2. David McCoy
    3. William McCoy
    4. Joel McCoy
    5. John McCoy


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