William Dalton (1666-1722)

I will discuss this ancestor next as 'Dalton' is my mother's maiden name.  Some records list William Dalton as being born in the Virginia colony and others show him as being born in Yorkshire, England.  I believe both are incorrect for the following reasons.  First of all, William's father, Tyrell Dalton, was born, grew up, and died in Cambridgeshire, England.  As a matter of fact, his tomb is located in the St. Vigor's church, Fulbourn in the same shire (county).  Since Tyrell never actually traveled to America, it's obvious that his son would not have been born there.  As for Yorkshire as a possible birth site, this speculation probably comes from reading about the origins of the Dalton family as being in Yorkshire.  The inscription on Tyrell's tomb indicates this origin as well but also makes clear that Tyrell never lived there.

I speculate that William came to the Virginia colony in the late 1600s but there is no way to document this since many of those records were lost during the Civil War.  It would make even more sense if he arrived sometime after his father's death in 1682 since he would not have had immediate family ties to bind him to England.  Tyrell Dalton was a justice of the peace in Cambridgeshire and was important enough to have been interned in the local church.  Therefore, I guess that William had some means to support his venture to America.  FYI, below is a picture of the tomb (and inscription in Latin) for Tyrell Dalton.

*Note--This lineage will need further research to confirm.



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